The Negatives – S/T 7″

How many The Negatives where there and still are? I don’t know. These lads where from Bradford and released this killer 7inch in 1979. 500 pressed. First 100 copies came with a handwritten A3 wrap around sleeve ala Good Vibrations style. Scum facts aside what makes this record a killer is the title track Stake Out! Totally proto-HC if you so will or just an upbeat magnificent punk rock tune that will get stuck in your head. Love is not Real ain’t bad it’s just that when you flip it over after Stake Out it sounds a bit lame. Wait an hour or two and then listen to Love… and I’m sure you’ll appreciate it a bit more. At least I do.

Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Look
Format: 7″
Stake Out.mp3
Love Is Not Real.mp3

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  1. Martin says:

    Total killer! One of my many top wants, and I think both songs are equally great.

  2. Sev. says:

    >How many The Negatives where there and still are?
    >These lads where from Bradford

    Fucked up sentences. They make no sense. “where there”?? “where from”??? What????

  3. Chano says:

    I know i should rave about “Stake Out”, but i like “Love Is Not Real” better. I gave it (“Stake Out”) many spins but it doesn’t really sticks. The chorus in “L.I.N.R.” is catchy beyond belief and the whole song really rocks!! Thanks for sharing, Pete. And remember: You’re not A punk rocker, you’re THE punk rocker. ;-)

    • Pete Stobbs says:

      Chano, Glad you like the single!

      Paramecium Records, a Spanish record company are re-releasing Love is Not Real and Stakeout sometime soon if you are interested in getting a copy.

      I know the original record has been sold in the past for £800.00.

      Pete(Original guitarist The Negatives)

  4. FuseRed says:

    The song they did “We’re From Bradford” on the Bored Teenagers Vol 2 which also has this 7″ – is totally amazing too and possibly even more catchy

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      We’re from Bradford is ok but nowhere near the perfection of Stake Out. We’re… sounds a bit too much like generic Oi!.

  5. Alfredo says:

    A little promo about the reissue of the great Negatives single..
    You can get it here (other great reissues too)

    God save the Negatives!!!

  6. Brandon says:

    I was a guest on a radio show a few months ago here in Minnesota and I had the pleasure of playing “Love Is Not Real” off my 7″ copy on the show, along with some VOM, Flipper, No Trend and the like. This has to be the best bradford punk single, without a doubt. My 7″ isn’t original, it’s a spanish repress from last year, which to my knowledge is official.

    • Tino says:

      Hey Brandon. certainly is official. glad to hear that people are still digging what we did all those years back. still enjoy a listen myself every now and then…we were pleased to see it back out again on Paramecium, meant that a lot more people could own an ‘original’…Tino, drums.

    • Pete Stobbs says:

      Hi Brandon,

      Thanks for that! Which radio station was it btw?

      • Brandon says:

        It’s a local college station here in Mankato, MN called KMSU. You can stream the radio station here:

        The broadcast that I played it on was on May 1st, 2015; so it’s long gone. It was part of a show called “The Obligatory High School Time Slot;” which I was a guest on.

  7. Ollie Stench says:


  8. Steven Kirton says:

    I’ve got number 78 in The wrap around sleeve.
    I wonder who has the other 99 ???

  9. sam k says:

    what other songs did the negatives record? that song 69 is probably the best song ever recorded in history to me

  10. Gary Dunnington says:

    Was looking for the lyrics to We’re from Bradford. Keep listening to it but few lines i cant make out. Obviously can get the chorus. Struggle onthe 3 and 4th line etc. If anyone can hell me out would
    appreciate it
    Cheers Gary Dunnington.

  11. mark says:

    Just found a copy of the Stakeout / Love is not real vinyl single (Look label) stored in an air tight box in my cellar – condition is mint unplayed in a white sleeve with signatures of all four band members in each corner – Bob, Dave, Toni and Pete Negative (as signed). Looking to sell as I need the money if anyone is interested. Or perhaps e-bay. Suggestions (friendly) welcome.

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