The Last Lads – Rochatell 7″


If you do a search for early Swedish Oi!, or early Swedish skins this band will pop up. A bit surprinsingly as there’s nothing Oi!ish about them, and even if some of the members looks a bit like they could be skins, or boot boys for that matter, most of them look like your average Joes. I talked to a guy who knew the members, and it turned out that two of the members were among the very first skinheads in Stockholm, so that’s probably why they got the Oi-tag.

I’d say this is a pretty decent punk platter, but not really something unique, except for one part. This 7″ was practically unknown in collector circles up til a few years ago! Of all the people and collectors Peter Jandreus interviewed when he put together the Encyclopedia of Swedish punk, not one single soul mentioned this record. I don’t know if it’s a very small pressing, or if the band didn’t manage to sell many copies in the big hardcore wave that was sweeping Sweden at the time, which made their pretty slow punk rock seem outdated, or if it was something else that just made it more or less vanish from earth. The few ones I’ve talked to who knew about the band, and even knew the members says that they’ve never seen the record apart from the members copies, which seems a bit strange.

Anyway, over the last 3 years or so a few copies have popped up for sale in Sweden, but there’s still seems to be little to no information about them, except for that they later (or previous, depending on which source you choose to believe) started playing more in the psychobilly vein and changed their name to Archie Glover and the Last Lads.

Of course this is nowhere near as obscure as the Tötenkopf LPs (that I actually believe exsists as I got them taped for me, and they skips a bit in one song, and I can hear the needle drop), but it’s still worth a post just to keep on covering the Swedish scene, warts and all as someone wrote as a comment in one of my posts a long time ago.

Country: Sweden
Year: 1983
Label: New Rock
Format: 7″

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  1. Chano says:

    Well, the Oi!/Street-punk influence is audible, but it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The sound is powerful and the band got chops and knew how to play. A decent effort after all… The intro to the B-side is AWFUL though. Cheers for sharing! p.s.: i’m trying to get back at you, Martin, but it doesn’t work…

  2. Clinton Chapman says:

    Tell us more about the Tötenkopf LP, please.

  3. Thomas says:

    Amazingly good – especially for the b-side, which reminds me a little bit of these underrated Skunx band Subculture from Cambridge, I still dig their ‘Loud & clear”‘7″ep from 1983.
    Her Swedish counterparts have the same special vibe in their midtempo songs.
    And I have to write, that I like this Swedish Powerpop track by Gyllene Tider, too, it’s quite cheesy, but it’s a nice one and the clothes and the hair styling make me thinking, that they are Mod revivalists from 1979 (but this is Sweden in 1981 – next band on this TV show should be Anti-Cimex or Huvutvätt!).

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