Xpress – Junked-Up Judy 7″

I really want to post more often. But you know I always feels obliged to write something to add a bit extra fluff to the post. I know I know I don’t add anything with my loosy writing but still… Xpress one and only release is a TRUE(you don’t see that word used too much when people describing genres today do you? TRUE metal, TRUE hardcore, TRUE folk etc) classic in every sense. Two equally great tracks. I can’t pick a fave. Googled a bit here and thanks to Dizzy/Detour Records I leave it to him to tell you something that’s actually useful:
“Formed in 1978 by four bored school friends (The Original Bored Teenagers)”

Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: X Press
Format: 7″
Junked-Up Judy.mp3
Stop, Start (And Go Back Again).mp3

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19,170 Responses to Xpress – Junked-Up Judy 7″

  1. Stig Dangerman says:

    Settling into my bar stool for the first beer of the week at the union hall. Should be talking to my better half, but I’m looking at my phone. A- sides a winner. Haven’t listened to the b-side yet.

    I almost prefer reading to listening. Always like the comments and your “loosy” commentary. But would it be inaporopriate to suggest more off-color Hitler jokes?

  2. Martin says:

    What a coincident as I was listening to this 7″ on my way to work today and thinking about how great it is. Did you read my mind Peter? If so, could you please stop doing that as I’ve been thinking loads of bad thoughts lately.

  3. Joshy says:

    This has the same feeling as Ramones it’s not my place. Call me crazy…

  4. ian says:

    a TRUE lovechild of the Ramones and Eddie and the hot rods…kinda cute and charming, but lets face it, its no Heart Attack is it?! Funny to hear such an american influence in early UK stuff…

  5. Chano says:

    Kinda remind me of The Crowd (and therefore of Ramones…). Good stuff, especially on the A side. Thanx!

  6. Paul Allinson says:

    I have a copy of this single which I am willing to sell

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