Heart Attack – Keep Your Distance E.P. 12″


If you’re not familiar with this records do yourself a favor and spin English Cunts first. One of the greatest hardcore songs ever put onto vinyl in my opinion. And if blast beats, as noted by Erich/Good Bad Music whom even called for an international blas beat day, are your thing turn on From What I See. Incredible aint it? Well this 12inch is just as classic as all the other classic hardcore 12inchers like My America, Kill for Christ, Get It Away to me, but not regarded as so maybe cause it’s so diverse? Or maybe it’s a classic now? Oi! I call for an international Keep Your Distance day where we spin English Cunts about 10 times in a row.

“You say you love those limey brits. But your opinions are based on the Sex Pistols’ hits…All you are are English cunts!”

Country: USA
Year: 1983
Label: Serious Clown
Format: 12″
English Cunts.mp3
From What I See.mp3
Victim’s Inquisition.mp3
The Last War.mp3

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5 Responses to Heart Attack – Keep Your Distance E.P. 12″

  1. gerry molyneaux says:

    Aren’t these the famous New York hardcore punk band who were one of the first of the vibrant New York set that were part of the early ’80’s U.S. hardcore punk explosion.I think they featured in one of the Brittish music mags scene report on the harcore punk surge in the States-Sounds possibly,maybe the NME.

    • jockney says:

      it was sounds and im looking for it in my copies that i still have. The article covered EVEN WORSE and KRAUT if my memory serves me right.

      • Thomas says:

        Exactly, it was in an issue of Sounds, which covered the vibrant 1981/82 NYC Hardcore-Punk scene and contains the Bad Brains, Kraut, Even Worse, Heart Attack, Killer Instinct and a few others.
        Nice pics of these and of many NYC Punksters, too.

  2. Chano says:

    Agreed: “English Cunts” is the highlight here, with “Victim’s Inquisition” and “The Last War” not too far behind. This music comes from a time when “NYHC” was an acronym that stood for something and wasn’t just a fashion label. Cheers, Pete.

  3. Martin says:

    For being an anti-UK song it sounds very brittish to my ears. I prefer the blast beats actually, which is a rare thing.

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