Menace – I Need Nothin 7″


I’ll take the easy way out and post a classic. I posted Screwed Up a couple of months ago and that is hands down a top 10 7″(among 100 other Top 10 punk 7″‘s). I Need Nothing is anthemic and great but I prefer the Electrocutioner and I think it’s cause the vocals are a bit more dominant and Morgan Websters snarling voice is a voice to love.

Country: UK
Year: 1978
Label: Illegal
Format: 7″
I Need Nothing.mp3

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  1. Mike Oxlong says:

    my most favourite punk band ever, and a bloody good live band back in the day – who is Jasper Hoods though?

  2. Stephen (AI) says:

    Maybe it’s the beans and toast talking, but I actually prefer the A-Side.
    Still, trying to pick your favorite Menace cut between this record and the first one is pleasant work indeed. They all make me want to smash a pint glass against the pub wall.
    After I’ve drained it of course.
    Thank you.

  3. Thomas says:

    All the 1st 5 7″s are classics – not in a sophisticated way, of course.
    Great bark-bark sing-a-longs and clever songwriting, but I prefer the ‘Last year’s youth’/’Carry no banners’ 7″ much more.
    Did a Menace stencil back in the day and, as far as I remember, spray painted my leather jacket and a tshirt with it! What a hipster….

  4. Martin says:

    I don’t really know why, but Menace never managed to move me too much. They’re ok but for me it’s more or less background music. Sorry!

    • Chano says:

      Same here, Martin. To me they’re a largely negligible band. Thanks to Pete for taking the time, anyway.

      • The Flakes // Drummer says:

        I just dropped my jaw. Thought everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, into punk rock dug Menace. What is wrong with you guys ;)?

        • Stephen (AI) says:

          Next they will be telling us they never really cared for Another Kind of Blues either! Ha Ha.

          • Martin says:

            You got it Stephen! Listening to it right now, and I can’t even recall hearing any of the songs before. It’s something I can listen to while I do something else. It’s OK, but I haven’t listened to it for the last 10 years or so until now and it still don’t make me jump around. Some songs are pretty great, and I wouldn’t deny it’s influence on the early American hc scene, but it doesn’t move me. I might be too young though with my 38 years and I heard it way after I heard other “Classic” albums, but it never caught me. I do like lots of stuff other ppl think is crap though;)

            • Chano says:

              UK Subs: another band that never did much for me. And i heard ’em pretty early (like when i was 12). It’s just their style that, as Martin says, doesn’t move me. I’d rather listen to Crucifucks instead… :-D

              • Thomas says:

                U.K. Subs?
                United Kingdom Subversives!
                When I first listened to ‘Another kind of blues’, it thrills me from the first second on. I played this album to death in late 1980 and early 1981, although all the older (and wiser?) Punks didn’t like it so much, because of it’s obviously HM relation. I still think, that this album had an heavy influence to all the Hardcore bands around 1980 or 1981, comparable to the first Discharge 12″. As far as I remember, I wrecked my room when I was listening to the track “Young criminals” one time and my mother was not amused!

  5. Stephen (AI) says:

    I still love you guys anyway!

    And Martin is correct about the album’s heavy influence on American HC.

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