V/A – Code Blue Cassette


A long time ago since I ripped a compilation. Wow, didn’t realize how much time it actually takes. I don’t complain. I do it for fun but realize I have to do it one more time once I get a better tape deck.

Here’s a classic USHC/Punk comp. that has been on my want list like forever. I don’t know if I manage to write about every band. You get classic tunes from classic acts like F.U.’s, Articles of Faith, Die Kreuzen, Naked Raygun, Husker Du etc. Among them the F.U.’s might be the least interesting and the highlight to me is Naked Rayguns-Only in America. Total smasher! Among the less classic acts but still quite known, I know many would argue about who is classic and not, White Flag really stands out. Awesome. When it comes to the more obscure ones Rights of the Accused is on the top. The only band that don’t fits me on this superb comp is Flesh Columns.

Many of you would like to have this as a single .zip file. Sorry. I don’t do that for some reasons: 1. It would overload the server 2. Indexing on search engines gets fucked up.

Country: USA
Year: 1984
Label: Last Rites
Format: Cassette
Nadsat Rebel - Nosferatu.mp3
Nadsat Rebel - Bounty.mp3
F.U.’s - Ode To Larry Joe.mp3
Rights Of The Accused - No Fun Till I’m 21.mp3
Rights Of The Accused - Fuck Up.mp3
White Flag - Festive Shapes.mp3
White Flag - Paranoid.mp3
White Flag - Question Of Intelligence.mp3
No Response - No Future Blues.mp3
Gross National Product - Death Farce.mp3
Gross National Product - Twisted Cross.mp3
Articles Of Faith - Buy This War.mp3
Articles Of Faith - Surrogate.mp3
Articles Of Faith - In Your Suit.mp3
Suburban Mutilation - Menschen Begin.mp3
Die Kreuzen - Fuck Up.mp3
Die Kreuzen - Live Wire.mp3
Die Kreuzen - Champs.mp3
Out Of Order - Concerned.mp3
Out Of Order - Survival Of The Fittest.mp3
Naked Raygun - No Sex.mp3
Naked Raygun - Only In America.mp3
Big Black - Texas.mp3
Sacred Order - You Bastards.mp3
Sacred Order - I’m Busy Living.mp3
Husker Du - In A Free Land.mp3
Husker Du – Target.mp3
Husker Du – It’s Not Funny Anymore.mp3
Flesh Columns - Verbal Abuse.mp3
Flesh Columns – Pay The Lord.mp3

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19,170 Responses to V/A – Code Blue Cassette

  1. SkinheadTrevor says:

    Out Of Order slays on this tape! Naked Raygun kicks ass too, and Die Kruzen, the whole tape is great but those three really stand out.

  2. Dewey Decimal says:


  3. Chano says:

    I was listening to this great comp on YT a coupla days ago and now i find it posted on KBD. Odd…. There must be some kind of telepathic connection…. :-D What to say about this comp? It’s very good, but i wouldn’t go as far as calling it a classic. Gross National Product are great, despite the shitty sound; No big surprises by the “big” bands and a few letdowns here and there. The rips sounds fucking great, as usual. Thanks a lot, Pete!

  4. Correct Use Of Soap says:

    The Die Kreuzen Wire cover is the bee’s knees! Thank you

  5. Martin says:

    Never heard of this tape before as far as I can remember, but the songs I’ve listened to so far are pretty good, but I have to say that I think the 7″ version of In a free land is superior to this version. A few bands here are brand new to me, like Nadsat Rebel, GNP & OOO. Thanks Peter.

  6. ian says:

    Great post! I think this is where yr site comes into its own – its these little gems that back in the day would have had such a small circulation you couldn’t ever hope to hear em. The energy & lo-fi-ness of this is great – feels like being 19 again. So many winners on this – time to listen again. Salut…any more tapes please?

  7. zach says:

    Articles Of Faith, Big Black and F.U.’s bored me to death. never really cared for Naked Raygun at all, but that “Only in America” track is indeed the best one here. highlights for me were Nadsat Rebel, White Flag and Out Of Order. in fact i liked the Out Of Order tracks so much that i just went out and got their album, never even heard of them until today. thanks a ton for the great rip! always love the big tape comp posts.

  8. Drew Kukura says:

    Wow! It is so awesome to hear Die Kreuzen cover Wire. I honestly never thought I would hear such a thing. I suppose that, at the time of this release, the Wire cover was just a glimpse into the sonic change Die Kreuzen would soon undergo.

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