V/A – Forhadt Ungdom 7″ E.P.


I don’t post much hardcore, and especially not UK influenced, but I do an exception for this one as I really like Flere Dode Pansere (Multiple Dead Cops). I sort of wonder if they were aware of MDC when they picked their name and just did a Danish version of it, and changed millions to multiple as Denmark had such a small population that millions would’ve been to push it a bit too far. What I like about Flere Dode Pansere is the vocals as I’m a sucker for female punk singers, and this girl screams pretty good, and they sing in Danish as well which is always a plus in my book of punk rules. The band shared one member with Razor Blades as well, but their side of the EP leaves me pretty flat as it’s a bit too generic. Well, they were kids so they had the right to be a bit conformative. Imagen what would happen if the kids made up their own rules! It would be a anarchy. Anarchy!!!

Oh yeah, that white stuff on the scan of the vinyl is some goo that’s stuck on the glass of the scanner at work, so I’m pretty sure it’s cum as I work in a strict male environment.

Country: Denmark
Year: 1983
Label: DK Decay
Format: 7″
Flere dode pansere – Hymne.mp3
Flere dode pansere – Opgor.mp3
Flere dode pansere – Greenham Common.mp3
Flere dode pansere – Midedod.mp3
Flere dode pansere – Dummere end politiet.mp3
Flere dode pansere – Ingen politikere – ingen krig.mp3
Razor Blades – Reality.mp3
Razor Blades – Unite.mp3
Razor Blades – I wanna live.mp3
Razor Blades – Viligante.mp3
Razor Blades – Master race.mp3

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  1. Thomas says:

    Denmark have had only a few Hardcore-Punk bands in the 80’s, but bands like the Electric Deads are now mythical. The Razor Blades were more generic, but 100% DIY and they put out this split 7″ep in a small edition of just 300 copies (there’s an official reissue from 2009!) on their own label DK Decay in 1983.
    But I think, the equivalent of the name Flere Dode Pansere in English is a demand in the meaning of ‘More Dead Cops’. The funny thing about this is, that the father of the female singer of Flere Dode Pansere was a real cop and I think he was not amused, when he saw the record with his daughter singing for the 1st time!

  2. Martin says:

    I think you might be correct Thomas, as the word Flere is the same as Sweden’s Flera which can mean both multiple & more. Nice to hear that her dad was a cop! Must have made a great dinner conversation!is it just in my head or did Denmark have a surprisingly high number of female hardcore singers compared to the number of bands?

  3. Thomas says:

    I think, you are right!
    Danish Punkettes (still a great word!) were very adorable (like all Punkettes from all over the world, by the way!) and I remember Danish Hardcore-Punk bands with female singers from the 80’s like Electric Deads, Misanthropic Charity, Kalashnikov and Flere Dode Pansere, of course. These days are gone…

  4. Chano says:

    I’m not too fond of Danish HC. I haven’t heard yet a Danish band that I really liked. Unfortunately this EP makes no exception. Just a matter of personal tastes and you know my tastes are bad! :-D Thanks for taking the time anyway.

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