International Q – What I Got E.P. 7″

Repost: first published 27th of April 2006. Added new rips, scans and To Be A Boy.

Guy Robert Archambue aka Rob Noxious(lewdsnot and zoloft_anaconda) you still owe me a sleeve for this one too! Once again I had to borrow the sleeve from Henry Welds American Punk Discography. Need an original sleeve or a 150dpi scan. Ok they where from Connecticut and they also released a 12inch. “Small Talk” has the best lyric ever made by a punk band(including Crass and Arabens Anus). “What I Got” is a killer pop punk number that could’ve been a little bit shorter. It should’ve ended exactly at 2:13 so if you have an editor just cut the song from there and delete the end.
Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: Queue Music
Format: 7″
What I Got.mp3
To Be A Boy.mp3
Small Talk.mp3

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11 Responses to International Q – What I Got E.P. 7″

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  2. monkey satan says:

    You rock Peter! I’ve always loved “Small Talk”. Would’ve been interesting to see live…

  3. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Thanks Monkey Satan. Ha ha yeah Small Talk would’ve been fun to see live. Have you heard their 12inch? I’m curious if its any good.

  4. monkey satan says:

    The 12″ is bad new wave. I like some of the wavier/synth records and love powerpop but I thought their 12″ was shit. I sold it you know where…

  5. The Flakes // Drummer says:

    Ah! Maybe it was lewdsnot/zoloft_anaconda himself who bought you it for a buy it now price? I saw a copy go beginning of this year I think.

  6. Buttcheese says:

    Small Talk is a work of GENIUS! It is the punk equivalent of Amon Tobin’s “VERBAL”…………………………………………………………………………………

  7. Stig Heil says:

    I unfortunately went to Yale (now I am a bricklayer) and slept with the arts dude of the weekly paper. New Haven is mostly terrible (with some exceptions) but Small Talk is awesome and captures the speech of the locals–especially those friendly reactionaries at Contois.

  8. Small talk have been included on so many of my mix tapes & cd’s over the years. Such a smasher, and such a dedicated singer. The other 2 songs are thereby left a bit behind unfortunately.

  9. Chano says:

    I heard “What I Got” on some KBD-style comp a few years ago and wasn’t too impressed. Now that i heard “Small Talk” i got what the hype is all about. “To Be A Boy” is decent at best. Thanks! ;-)

  10. John Fark says:

    “What i got! is clearly the hit here! Pretty good song, the others are just average! Thanks for sharing!

  11. Dave Rude says:

    Wow. June 17, 1981 – my little band from Iowagot to open for you and Run 21. I remember LOVING “Small Talk,” getting this record, and then losing this record in a move. So great to find it here.

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