57 Kez – Punks E.P. 7″


Here’s a crude 7″ that makes some punk collectors drool and rewrite their want list. Speaking for myself as a collector of Swedish punk in general it’s never been too high up on my want list as I don’t find it that great. I can’t really put my finger on why as it’s got all the right ingredients for a great record; the band members are very young and just learned to figure out how their instruments works, the recording is very simple done, the guitar solo is uber simple, and the band was from a really small village (Bromolla). Still, the songs stick, but I don’t find them as great as Shas, Massmedia, Shit Kids or any of the other great under produced Swedish records that I really like. So why is it such a collectors item? I know some people have different taste and think that this is a great record, but despite that I guess it’s the rarity of the record. Between 150-200 copies pressed, 2 different sleeve versions (very similar though) and a lot of copies was probably destroyed when the band choose an alternative distribution way by throwing out most of the copies from stage when they supported Ebba Gron.

OK, let me know what you think about it!

Country: Sweden
Year: 1980
Label: Rockslaget
Format: 7″
Min musik.mp3
Herr samhalle.mp3


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12 Responses to 57 Kez – Punks E.P. 7″

  1. Kevin says:

    Seems as though the 2nd link (Min musik) duplicates Punks. Please fix the link when possible!

    The 2 songs I was able to download are decent…

  2. Thanks for the heads up, link fixed for Min musik.

  3. tor says:

    I love these songs – Pure magic!

    I need it, it want it – please make me happy!


  4. Bostosh Slaggar says:

    Average swedish 7 inch. There’s so much great swedish punk records this one is pale in comparison. Still good. Punks was comped on the Bust! 10 inch compilation.

  5. Thomas says:

    After the split of 57 Kez from Bromölla a few of the members went on to play in a Punk band called Svea Svin (‘Pigs of Sweden’ – relate it to the Swedish cops – gotcha?), who contribute a few songs to various tape compilations from Denmark and Sweden, of course and 2 songs for the triple album Rockslaget. Around 1984 Svea Svin call it a day, but a few of the members start a band again, this time the name was Tre Onda Man (‘Three bad men’) and they are on a tape compilation again with other Swedish Punk bands from around 1985. Did a demo, too, then split again and the members went on to play in the Swamp Rock band Snuff Movie Watchers (http://www.discogs.com/artist/2316458-Snuff-Movie-Watchers).

    • Martin says:

      Svea Svin was great! I think the tape comp with Tre onda män might be Aktiv idag – Radioaktiv imorgon…? Got that tape somewhere, and the bandname sounds familiar.

      • Thomas says:

        Yeah Martin, your’re right. The tape complilation with Tre Onda Man is called “Aktiv idag – Radioaktiv imorgon…?” and I still have it …somewhere!

  6. Chano says:

    I usually like the sloppy Punk stuff, but this one is a bit too amateurish for my (bad) tastes. “Herr…” is a pretty good ripper, though. The drum intro is unmatchable. :-) Cheers!

    • Anders says:

      Haha Glad you like my unmatchable drum intro ;-) It was a magic time I will tell you. The hole thing with the Punk scene was a great time. Many funny memories from the Rockslaget/ 57 Kez era.

  7. Dustin For Ethiopia says:

    I find this compelling to a degree- but you’re absolutely right: despite the momentary glimpses of magic it’s ultimately paint-by-numbers punk*

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