Neo Punkz – Fascist Fuckerz E.P. 7″


Many times I may’ve talked about that this record might be the best punk record ever. I’ve lied all those times. Here’s the best punk record. Ever. They can hardly play but knows exactly what punk is all about in the end: attitude and emotions. What the hell were they thinking? That’s right they didn’t think at all. Great! They just did it cause it felt right. The effect on the epic guitar solos…genius. Be in sync? Forget it. P.U.N.K.-R.O.C.K!

You might hear that this record has a lot of crackles and pops. What do I have to say about that? Only FASCIST FUCKERZ DIG MINT RECORDS!

Country: Holland
Year: 1980
Label: NEO
Format: 7″
Fascist Fuckerz.mp3
Green Devil.mp3
If I Watch The T.V..mp3
Got To Go For A Piss.mp3

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  1. ian says:

    love the slop! heard ‘watch TV’ on some comp somewhere – reckon its still the standout track, but rest are mighty cool too. You are posting some real gems lately – any chance of following up the ‘new wave’ comp with the ‘sad day we left the croft’ comp? Very intrigued!

    • Martin says:

      When I find myself a decent copy of Sad day we left the croft it will be posted here Ian, but it might take some time.

      And these Neo-ronz sure did their best, and I thank them for it. How come every single band have to learn how to play before they record these days? So boring! These punkz are not too far away from the Accused of Mall Square Musick fame when it comes to chops, and I love it!

  2. Peter says:

    Just a note Ian. Martin posted the New Wave comp and I posted the Neo Punkz here. But glad you dig the stuff we’re posting.

  3. Chano says:

    I remember “If I Watch…” from some KBD comp, one of the songs that i always used to skip. The rest of the ep isn’t much better…. I mean: it’s ok for Punk Rock to be sloppy and trashy but this one just miss to exude the proper charme. It goes on pair with the Tampax/HitlersS split. Sorry. Cheers for taking the time to share. :-)

  4. Jon says:

    just found this site, loving it to bits. I am an avid collector of old punk, rock and metal etc and do a weekly radio show on a local station in Bristol uk, and I love to pepper the playlist with a few real obscure gems, and a fair few of the tracks posted here will be turning up on the show from now on. Well done for keeping real underground music alive.

  5. Thomas says:

    These Dutch Punksters from the lovely city of Haarlem, west of Amsterdam(-ned!), were young, loud and snotty and they look like Punks and they sound like Punks with an DIY attitude in 1980 and I think, they were a bunch of brats, too.
    The record is (under-)produced in a good manner, this record is full of distortion, energy and authenticity.
    Later on in 1982v they put out another 7″s under the Name Suspence called “Murder with an axe”, both 7″s has been officially rereleased by the “La vida es un mus”-label from London, so you can get these both high-prized 7″s now for a normal price.

  6. Martin says:

    The more I listen to this EP the more I think it’s the only 100% perfect punk record ever made!

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