Ice & The Iced – S/T E.P. 7″


As summer vacation is getting closer I’m starting to plan where to go, and southern Europe is always a nice option for us in the cold freezing north. Been at least 20 years since I was in Italy last time, so maybe that’s an option. Might be Cyprus as well as it’s a cheaper option which means I can buy more records instead! Anyone knows of any nice ultra marathons in Cyprus during the summer as I can’t spend all my time there at the beach flexing the days away.

This is one of my favorite records by the way (and I know it’s not exactly the first time I say that), and I like it even more as Peter don’t like it! We’re like yin and yang when it comes to punk taste, and my taste is superior of course! Two longer songs that are really, really great, and two really short ones that are just as great! I’d say this ep got the whole package from the killer guitar sound, to hooky songs, inaudible vocals (if anyone can figure out what the singer says after 2.06 in We’ve had enough I’d be very grateful. Is he accusing his teacher of sexual assault?

There’s a deluxe package of this 7″ that came in a box with a zine, poster and a few extras, but it seems to be close to impossble to find the whole shebang, and so far I’ve only seen photos of it. It does looks brilliant though. And just as brilliant looks the jacket of the guy in the middle with all those pins! Must’ve been a massive thing to wear! The guy to the left of these Ramones looking guys ain’t too far behind, but his collection is still really modest compares the the middle guy.

Something that still makes me amused apart from the incredible gritty and fuzzy guitar sound are the titles on the a-side, is Rock ‘pn’ roll a spelling mistake and is Polyschizophrenya actually Italian? It looks so made up and misspelled. Chano, you should know about this, and might hear what they actually sing about as well…?

Country: Italy
Year: 1981
Label: Hideaway Music
Format: 7″
Rock ‘pn’ roll.mp3
We’ve had enough.mp3

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8 Responses to Ice & The Iced – S/T E.P. 7″

  1. Giacomo says:

    Hello, thanks for sharing this record with us. I’m Italian so I think I can help you with your questions:
    – Rock ‘PN’ Roll is not a typo, it’s a play on words. PN is the area code for Pordenone, the band’s hometown;
    – Polyschizophrenya is not a word, but the lyrics to the song are in Italian! I could take the time to translate it for you if you’re interested. The title’s got nothing to do with the lyrics by the way, which is about hating authority figures.

  2. WildDevilMan says:

    if you travel cyprus I recommend Pafos in the west. nice beaches, lot of historical stuff and lots of cool bars. Record Store????

  3. Chano says:

    This is a pretty interesting one. They came from Pordenone (hence “Rock’pn’Roll” as “PN” is the license plate for Pordenone), home to the Great Complotto but i don’t know if they were directly linked to that particular scene. It’s decent Punk’n’Roll akin to proto-HC, but i can see how some people doesn’t like this as it’s occasionally annoying. Of course “polyschizo….” isn’t an actual italian word and the lyrics are your typical dumb-Punk rants (“I hate the cops – they always arrest me and lock me away….”), nothing of interest. Thanks for sharing, the quality of the rips is amazing. ;-)

  4. jan says:

    Actualy got the booklet, saw it and to my suprise this record was included, dead mint 5 euro, one of the few lucky scores in years of record hunting. But most important great record and one of the few Italian punk records of those days which still stand the time.

  5. PAVAROTTEN says:

    A little gem of italian underground culture of the early ’80.
    Chano well answered to all your questions.
    “Polyschizofrenia” is a really silly anthem against all the cops italian forces with funny basic rhymes in perfect Ramones style.
    A little bit more “famous” and more stupid to be part of the “punk-Debordian’s” phylosophy of the Great Complotto, but aboslutely amazing punk-rock tracks
    I had this one in a shitty audio cassette a million years ago.
    Thanx a lot

  6. discosheissser says:

    Maybe it’s a reminder of the diversity within 77′ – 81′ punk, ..but I just could never see the appeal of this 7′.. – its sounds as if they’re struggling for ideas, the music plods along without charm, & even the strongest track falls into cliche.
    With 1979 populations of Sweden at 8.2 million, & Italy at 56.3 – I wonder why the fractious social politics of late 70’s Italy resulted in so few great bands compared with the rich abundance of all time classics from (comparitively socially harmonius) Sweden ?
    Is part of the appeal of I&TI that it is a large-ish fish in a very small pond ?

    Personally I’m grateful for a mere handful of the periods’ Italian records (Kandeggina Gang, Hitler SS split, A.M Supercircus, Kaos Rock, Rancid X, Satan 81, Petrolio..) – against possibly 50 or more from Sweden in the same timeframe.
    I was very glad to trade this for the Rune Strutz 7″, and have never looked back, but thanks for the is a fine quality rip.

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