Kaare og Partiet – Hakekors E.P. 7″


A couple of months ago I took the shitty decision to get rid of a few of my Norweigan punk records, and when stuff like Svart Framtid & Barn av Regnbuen found new homes with other music lovers, this one made the cut and got to stay with me. Boy I’m a glad I didn’t get rid of this one as well as it’s a total power house of an E.P.! I used to think it had a hint of heavy metal before, but after I played it a few more times I realised it was just FUCKING HEAVY! The production is really intense and tight and the band sounds really tough and desperate!
Just listen to the slightly surf influenced into to Politisk asyl where the drums slowly joins, and then it sounds like everything stops before the super heavy bass comes in. Then the vocals kicks in adding the final touch of desperation and the songs pushes forward til it hits the 1 minute mark where the guitars break down into a short, but amazing burst of noise for a little while before the song continues. Killer stuff!
Or listen to the twin guitar attack of Be en bonn where the additional guitar plays the same simple riff as the first one, but with enough energy to light up your average sized Norweigan town!

And I have to give the boys extra credit for calling the first song of the E.P. lat 2 (song 2). It’s an instrumental, but I still like it’s winding guitar leads played through some pedals I don’t know the name of.

Again, I am very glad I decided to keep this one!.

Country: Norway
Year: 1980
Label: Konk
Format: 7″
Lat 2.mp3
Be en bonn.mp3
Ja vi elsker.mp3
Politisk asyl.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Kaare og Partiet – Hakekors E.P. 7″

  1. WildDevilMan says:

    absolute killer stuff, thx for this and the cool rip.
    ‘Lat 2’ is an amazing tune, love this sound!!

  2. ALDO says:

    Dude I would have kept Svart Framtid and sold this!!!!

  3. Kjelli says:

    Members from KÃ¥re & Partiet went on to the first line-up of Betong Hysteria.

  4. Kount Jizznack says:

    Not bad, and still leagues ahead of something like…Burzum. har har.

  5. Chano says:

    Ok, let’s get back at good ol’ KBD. :-) Well, this is quite a dissonant killer. Especially “Politisk Asylum” is a nerve wrecking monster. Thanx!! ;-)

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