The Boyfriends – First Single 7″


Another powerpop band that was too late for the trend, and maybe a bit over optimistic when they named this release as they never did another record during the time they shared as a band. On the other hand a full lenght album emerged on 1977 records in 2011. The same label also did the third reissue of this 7″ as a second version with a totally different sleeve was released in Germany in 1983 on Firebird/ Pinnacle records.

The song Boyfriend is the obvious hit here, while the b-side is not even worth a spin.

True story here; many moons ago I was in an indiepop band, and in Texas we shared stage with our friends in Tullycraft who played their new song The punks are writing love songs, which sounded incredibly familiar to me, despite I sang “I wanna be your boyfriend” instead of “The punks are writing love songs”. Took me years to figure out why as I totally forgot I owned this record, but when I found it again I asked Sean from Tullycraft if he was aware of the Boyfriends’ song, but it turned out to be new to him. He did admit it shared some simularities though. And speaking of Tullycraft, Lognhalsmottagningen will cover their killer song Popsongs your new boyfriend’s too stupid to know about on our next release. Up yours (and a nice advertisment for one of my current bands)!

Country: UK
Year: 1982
Label: Plastic
Format: 7″
Give a little, take a little.mp3

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3 Responses to The Boyfriends – First Single 7″

  1. Thomas says:

    Another UK band with an obscure German release in a totally different sleeve than the UK pressing, there were a few, but not too many.
    I dunno, what was the reason, why the German record companies put out these ones, because most of them flopped totally in a commercial way.
    ‘Boyfriend’ by the Boyfriends is a nice nice nice Powerpop smasher with really good choruses, the flipside is way too lame for me, sounds more like Phil Collins or SHIT like that.

  2. Martin says:

    I did say that the b-side wasn’t Even worth a spin in the text so, blame yourself Thomas;)

  3. Chano says:

    Yeah, the flip is WAAAAAAYYYYY too mellow, but “Boyfriend” is a nice Powerpop ditty. :-)

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