The Sods – Mopey Grope/Negative 7″


A bit more than 6 years ago I posted the Sods first 7″, so I’d say it’s about time that I post their second one as well, especially since it’s almost as catchy as their first one. I prefer the b-side Negative, but you might have a different opinion, and if so just post it in the comment section (yeah, like that will happen).

I’m glad these chaps held on to their no pictures policy and minimal sleeve artwork as I then can make this text just as minimal.

Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Tap
Format: 7″
Mopey grope.mp3

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6 Responses to The Sods – Mopey Grope/Negative 7″

  1. jockney keith says:

    You made my day posting this! i still have my copy i bought as a 13 year old. I knew nothing about them for 20plus years and knew no one else who had a copy, i liked the name co’s it sounded punk!! i also bought ‘minutes to go’ by the danish sods a few weeks later as i thought it was the same band and yes i still have that lp too and remains in my own top 10 albums. Anyway i love the piano in the songs and proper pub rock/punk rock sing alongs. Cheers.

  2. ian says:

    great dirty guitar sound – good tunes too. The tinkly piano in ‘mopey grope’ is a bit of an acquired taste tho! Negative is a def keeper. Graci…

  3. EVO says:

    To me, Money Grope exudes a sound closer to something Jerry Nolan would play on, while Negative sounds as if Sods went to sea with The Monkees! Both songs are pretty cool!

  4. Chano says:

    Never heard the British Sods before. Pretty good, i’d say. Of course the B side is the winner. The A side starts great but then develops in the wrong way. Thanks 4 sharin’.

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