The Ignerents – Radio Interference 7″

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ignerents_label_a (596x600)ignerents_label_b (596x600)

A nice little 7″ recorded in 1979, but released in 1980 that me a Peter had a short, but passive-aggressive fight over as we both wanted to post it. Guess who won!

The a-side is a bit too much boogie rock n’ roll for a young guy like me, but the b-side is the bees knees. Great powerpoppy punk with a really catchy chorus. I wouldn’t mind if that song interferenced my radio more often.

If your copy is on Ace records, you’ve got the second press that popped up about a month after the first, that was released on the bands’ own Rundown records. In 1981 the band released a second 7″ under the name the Bee Keepers, and the band can be linked to The Rivals and Wasteland who they exchanged members with over time. Of course both Rivals 7inches and Wastelands lone release will be posted later on.

Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: Rundown
Format: 7″
Radio interference.mp3
Wrong place, wrong time.mp3

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4 Responses to The Ignerents – Radio Interference 7″

  1. Anarkistattak says:

    Wow! What luck! This Ace version came across me a couple days ago at the record store I work at. Then, you post it! I never heard the band before, but Its ACE, also putting out one of my top 10 UK singles, Disorder!

  2. bristolboy says:

    Wasteland had 2 45’s
    Want Not EP – Ellie Jay
    Leave Me Alone/Friends Romans Countrymen – Invicta

  3. Chano says:

    To be honest the A side doesn’t do much for me, but the B side – SHIT!! – it’s powerful and catchy as hell. It’s like night and day…. :-)

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