The Spelling Missteaks – Popstar 7″ E.P.


Magnificent moments of 100% brilliancy/ idiocy in vocal performances;
1. 2-3 seconds into the intro of The Homosexuals’ Soft South Africans when the singer says “Diggi diggi diggi digg” and the bass replies by playing the same thing.
2. The way the singer in The Scabs counts 1,2,3,4 at the start of Amory Building.
3. Howard Devoto’s “bu-dum bu-dum” right before the guitar solo in Boredom.

I’m sure you all agree on those examples, and here’s another one that have to be a homage to Howard Devoto, as the singer says “uzza uzza” just before the solo in Rubber Duck! And I go down on my knees everytime I hear it. And I play that 67 seconds long song over and over and over again just to hear him say those magic words. And after I’ve played that song enough times I play the a-side quite a few times as well as both songs there are almost as good, and they’re both perfect for us with a short attention span. The last song, Urge is my least favourite, but thankfully it’s just above a minute long so I’ll let it pass.

And this is another disc from the excellent Stortbeat label that also gave us fantastic records from The Sods, The Licks (aka the Epileptics), The Gangsters and The Rabbits. Give me some time and their records will pop up here too.

Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Stortbeat
Format: 7″
Rubber duck.mp3

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4 Responses to The Spelling Missteaks – Popstar 7″ E.P.

  1. Chano says:

    This is reasonably cool. I really like “Mirrors” and “Rubber Duck”, the other two cuts are kinda boring and iterative. The Licks = Flux Of Pink Indians, right?

  2. Martin says:

    Yeah, the Licks changed their name to the Epilectics and 3/4 of them was later in Flux of Pink indians, so you obviously know your punk history. I really like Popstar as well, but Rubber duck is the obvious hit for me.

  3. cat snake says:

    “popstar” was on killed by death british d.i.y. volume one…thanks for posting this so i don’t have to rely on my own shitty rips!! excellent track

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