The Tapes – Dreamland 7″


You guys remember Tony, right? Tony the punk business manager aka Mr True Ear. He did an amazing website about punk rock where every post was an essay with his thoughts and ideas about everything from the way way the band memebers looked, to the font, label name, recording qualities to the actual music with comments about basically every song on the record. Not everything he posted was my cup of tea, but I still read about everything with loads of interest thanks to the way he wrote about the records. Same thing as Erich did over at Goodbadmusic, not always great records, but the writing was superb. I still hope that some day I’ll come up with something interesting to say about one single record I post here, but I doubt that’ll ever happen. I just don’t have it in me I think.

Anyway, back to the reason I started this post with mentioning Tony is that he was the one that introduced this record to me when he posted it some 8  years back, and it shocked me that I’d never heard of the record before as I by then thought that I at least had heard about every first wave Swedish punk/ DIY record even if I haden’t heard them yet. Not this one though as it was brand new to me back then. And I liked it. I liked it a lot! Primitive, sloppy and charming. Lo-fi rocking without any power or chops, heavy Swedish prenunciation, oooh and aaah back-up vocals, tambourine mixed really loud. And it was released in 1977, which made it so much more interesting to me.
I knew I had to find a copy as soon as possible, but that wasn’t that easy. Took probably two years before I first saw a copy for sale, and of course I got outbid (and it ended pretty high as well of course), then another year went by and a second copy appeared which again ended in more money than I could afford. But within a week or two after that a third copy popped up and for some reason the bidding went slow and low on that one and I won it for a third of the price or so compared to what previous copies sold for. Sucksess!

So what about the music you might ask? Well, it’s not punk per se, but if it wasn’t for punk this record would not exist. Remember that it was recorded in 1977 when punk just got started in Sweden, and if it would’ve been recorded a year later my guess is that they would have ended up sounding like Bandage. Now it’s “just” sloppy and weak riff rocking, but the underlying aggression is very much there already. And do not forget the genuine DIY spirit of this release. Now there’s no info about the recording anywhere on the sleeve, but from what I can remember it was recorded by the band with the help of a friend in a little shed in the outskirts of Stockholm, and that the prime idea of the band was to record a 7″ and release it on their own. I don’t even think the band did any gigs, but I might be wrong.
For me it’s pretty easy to see the red line between this release, Homo Electrica & Butter Utter where they’re all stumbling and mumbling somewhere in the outskirts of the punk pond, and I hope that you, dear reader/ downloader, can appreciate this release as much as I can, even if you’re not obsessed with Swedish punk and general early lo-fi DIY attempts.

Year: 1977
Label: GUS999
Format: 7″
Is that you.mp3

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  1. Thanks for the kind words and for mentioning me in the post! Damn, you talked about me in the past tense like “He did this website” instead of present tense “He does this website”! That’s my own fault, though, since I haven’t posted much of anything lately. I gotta get it back together and get my site active again! Because I still have a lot of stuff in my posting queue and the site is always in the back of my mind. Thanks for the kick in the pants to do so! New post coming soon!

    • Martin says:

      You’re still alive! 9 months and counting since last post Tony. I thought the hard times of being a punk business manager ended you will to live. I’ve heard that it happened to quite a few of your colleagues. Nice to see that you’re still around taking care of business!

  2. Stephen (AI) says:

    Wow. That is some charming shit indeed. Incredible photo, too. And yes, it goes great with the mighty Bandage EP. Dibs on the next copy. Thanks!

  3. WildDevilMan says:

    I’m about to get up and listen to Dreamland and I could lie down straight again.
    Absolute KILLER record, the B-side is a bit weak but the beginning with a Gong is nice.
    more of that :))

  4. Thanks again for the kick in the pants earlier this week! I just got a new posting up on my site of some old, unreleased Headaches demos circa 1981 or 1982 (the ones from Chicago who did “Power For Passion”).

  5. RR says:

    And how about those liner notes to that podcast compilation you did?! I sang in one of the bands, so it would be fun to read!

  6. RR says:

    Mr Businessman!

  7. RR says:

    Correct on both!

  8. RR says:

    Hi again!
    And now there is an lp out with our demos ( the 7″´s were taken from those) and live at rehearsals.
    It´s on Ken Rock Records.
    /Rolf Teenage

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