TST – No Teenage Future 12″


Second release from Sweden’s TST after their magnificent 7” released a year prior to this, and by now they had a new drummer (with a moustache!!!), bigger bullet belts and more studs, pins and acne. And a slightly more UK hardcore influenced sound. Thankfully not too audiable though as it’s pretty obvious that they’re still firmly rooted in the 77 loud n’ fast school of influences, even if some of the songs (most notable in both title and music on 6 million slaughtered bodies) shows obvious hardcore tendencies. I can play this record through a couple of times in a  row without cringe at any of the songs, but I know Peter disagrees. I can dig their youthful enthusiasm, the cheap and shitty production, the sloppiness as soon as they try to play fast (or actually in general) and the cliché filled and misspelled lyrics, but at the same time I can understand why Peter don’t like it. But it got so much charm! So. Much. Charm. And the lyrics to The Clash might be among the worst punk lyrics ever, and that’s exactly what makes them so good. They do however bring up a good thing, the Clash were a damn boring band. I’ve never managed to get what’s supposed to be so great about them, and believe me when I say I’ve tried. A few songs are good, but the constant hype about them? I just don’t get it. Too much rock n’ roll for my taste. I prefer T.S.T., so much easier to understand for a moron like me.

The last song on this 12″ is a re-recorded version of their love ballad V-as punx that was on their 7″ as well, but here they trimmed of some of the fat from it. On their next 12″ the did a last (?) recording of it where they trimmed it even more, leaving nothing but the bone structure of the song. Who can stand long songs anyway?

Country: Sweden
Year: 1982
Label: Modernes Pop
Format: 12″
No teenage future.mp3
The Clash.mp3
So lonely.mp3
6 million slaughtered bodies.mp3
Song of victory.mp3
Third world war.mp3
It’s a crime to be young.mp3
Secret love.mp3
People dying.mp3
V-as punx.mp3


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  1. Stephen (AI) says:

    I’m a Clash lifer, but I dig this too. More hardcore than ’77 to my ears, but they haven’t lost the plot yet. Charmingly ramshackle, as you say. We should make a list of all the bands with a song about World War III. Hot guitar. Hot mustache. What more you want?

  2. Pahomije says:

    I TOTALLY agree with what you said about The Clash, and we are not the only ones who think so: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1JZd3TaRLxs :) .

  3. BobWire says:

    Peter? WTF = Peter?

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