Lixomania – Violência & Sobrevivência E.P. 7″


So let’s follow the hardcore influenced TST with another hardcore influenced band, but this time from Brazil. And here the influences are way more in the open, but for being a Brazilian wax(ing) I’d say that this is a teeny tiny bit more on the traditional punk side, at least compared to Inocentes, Olho Seco, Colera etc. Or maybe no, it’s all out war fucking hardcore! At least on the vocals, but musically I still say that this is more on the punk than the hardcore side of the fence. It doesn’t really matter though as I really love this EP despite my fading interest in hardcore. I think it’s because I’m getting older and hardcore is music for the kids. Two more years and I’ll be posting nada nada nada but evergreens here…

Country: Brazil
Year: 1982
Label: Not On Label
Format: 7″
Violência & Sobrevivência.mp3
Massacre Inocente.mp3
O Punk Rock Não Morreu.mp3
Zé Ninguém.mp3
Os Punks Também Amam.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Lixomania – Violência & Sobrevivência E.P. 7″

  1. Stephen (AI) says:

    This rips. I love the guitar sound, especially on the last song. The singer sounds like a Muppet!

  2. vieira says:

    This is the first seven inch released in brazil. such a classic.

    It should have been a CÓLERA one, but to help other bands, Cólera folks chose to make de SUB comp.

    A friend always thought the Lixomania’s drummer was single legged cause of the crutch in the back photo.

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