Thin Yoghurts – Girl On The Bus 7″

I just don’t know what to write here… I’ll give it a try none the less as we don’t really see any posts from Peter’s lazy ass here, and someone got to keep the site going as the demand for punk records is higher than ever before in the year of the good lord, 2016.

The name of this band is just as good as their songs and everything about this record makes me so happy. I do like being happy, it’s just that I ain’t happy that often. So joy with me & these Cumbrians who’ve already been hyped to death elsewhere over the years.

By the way, anyone who’s got the Them Philistines EP from 83 & wanna let me hear it? And for those of you who don’t know why I ask that in a Thin Yoghurt post I’m happy to say that that’s the band that came after the yoghurts as a result of a sad incident.

And by the way, the site’s been going for 10  years now, happy happy joy joy!

Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: Lowther Street Runner
Format: 7″
Girl on the bus.mp3
Drink problem.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Thin Yoghurts – Girl On The Bus 7″

  1. dickhead says:

    Compete garbage ide rather have my wisdom teeth pulled with out Novocain rather than listen to this. come on guys!

  2. Stephen (AI) says:

    Wow. Another record I’ve never heard of and another incredible discovery. This post is a perfect example of why Killed By Death is such an invaluable resource and my absolute favorite place on the internet. I’ve discovered so many fantastic records and bands here over the years it’s just ridiculous. And it’s always nice to see former band members responding with pleasant surprise that the songs they recorded a million years ago are still remembered and remembered fondly. If all the site lurkers could find their voices, I’m sure they would join me in saying CONGRATULATIONS on your improbable achievement and THANK YOU for all the great music and the amazing archive you have built over the last ten years. It is deeply appreciated. Skoal!

    “Drink Problem” is an anthem for the ages.

  3. Aah, thanks a lot for the kind words Stephen (AI), it’s comments like that that keep us going. And of course a never ending supply of records.
    Now if we can only helt Peter to find his motivation again, but he’s too busy recording stuff with his never ending stream of new bands.
    So, about this record; I thought the band was well known, but maybe it’s just in my imagination that they were bigger than the Beatles. Glad you liked it, and that it was new to you. It sure is one hell of a record, and the tape they did is equally great, but unfortunatelly much harder to track down.

    • Stephen (AI) says:

      No doubt the band is rightly famous in scores of squalid bedrooms. I’m still finding my way to this thin DIY stuff. In a better world, Thin Yoghurts would be much bigger than the Beatles.

      • Martin says:

        Check out the lovely, beautiful and thin sound from the Avocados on youtube. I Love that record, but it won’t be posted here. There’s nothing punk about their sound, but if it wasn’t for punk their 7″ would never exist.
        I Jog & the tracksuits will more likely be posted in the future though. Killer weak stuff!

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