No Trend – Teen Love E.P. 7″


Nihilistic. Monotonous. In theory I shouldn’t like this. I have a hard time with bands like Flipper, Butthole Surfers etc. I would like to like them cause they all seem cool and crazy. Why I dig No Trend is beyond me. It’s the same with New Zealands Gordons. Some of this “non happening” music ticks and some don’t.

Country: USA
Year: 1983
Label: No Trend
Format: 7″
Mass Sterilization Caused By Venereal Disease.mp3
Teen Love.mp3

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  1. DEWEY DECIMAL says:

    Flipper “Album” rules! I dig this little No Trend e.p., too!

  2. Wow. Mass Sterilization is brutal! Teen Love is very Flipper. With this stuff it’s a love/hate relationship for me too. Mostly hate. I don’t mind noise and/or monotony as long as there’s a hook of some kind.

  3. I can dig Teen Love & actually like that it goes on and on for what feels lite an eternity, but the other two songs just don’t do it for me. Noise is very fun to play, and often to see live as well, but on record it’s a bit hard to swallow for me.

  4. Joe The Lion says:

    Get the 12″ version which includes the song “Die” which practically swings for a No Trend song.

  5. Selfve Doshborsnitch says:

    Just a marvellous record. They often get compared to Flipper but i find No Trend to be better! They certainly stood out of all the early Dischords who pretty much all sounded the same. No Trend is an interesting for sure! Thanks!

  6. d. says:

    Nice surprise! I happen to be faithful follower of this HQ blog who actually (mostly) digs ‘noise’, no-wave, art-punk, jazz-punk etc posts. No Trend, Gordons, Flipper, x_x, Really Red, Rudimentary Peni, United Mutations, … accidental Venom P Stinger. Good shit. Great!

    I don’t mind a decent garage punk-rock or power-pop single but good ones are very hard to find. Even here. Geologically rare. 1 in 100.

    Keep on…


  7. Zusammenbruch says:

    One of my all time favorite records! I file lovingly alongside 45s by the aforementioned Flipper, Hose, Kilslug, Bobby Soxx. This ilk was by and for ugly bitter loners. They didn’t want to attract groupies. Their songs will never be used in an Audi commercial.
    They were driven by hatred. Pure underground.

  8. Stig Dangerman says:

    There’s never been enough heroin in Sweden.

  9. Evert says:

    Soundtrack of my late youth.
    Too many fuckin’ humans.

  10. Brandon says:

    Love this single! Got it a couple years back after searching for awhile, great stuff. Got the first LP too, a year after that. No Trend’s brand of Noise Rock is invigorating, amazing and nails the nihilism right on the head. Here in the midwest we never had much of anything like No Trend, the closest probably being The Mentally Ill or Big Black.

  11. tarbox says:

    i love this record – and all their other records. they played houston with Sluglords-strobe lights aimed at the audience the entire sho

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