Dangerous Rhythm – S/T 12″ E.P


Been a long time since we posted anything here, but I think it’s about to change now. I got at least a few posts more or less done, and over 1000000 records waiting in line to be ripped, scanned and posted. Here’s one that I’m sure you’ve all heard before as it’s quite common. I wish I at least had the dignity to post the rarer black vinyl version, but I’m afraid I just got this pressing. As you all know this is the second release from these Mexicans after their magnificent, but uber rare, 1979 7″ EP that I’ve never even seen for sale so far. If you find one, be aware that it might be a bootleg as they look very, very legitimate so don’t overpay unless you’re 100% sure it’s an original. Someone told me not to long ago that a label is about to do a legal reissue of their first 7″ as well, but I have no idea of who told me, or which label. Time will tell I hope.

So, this ain’t as raw as their first release, but it’s still a damn fine one. My favourite track is Social germ as I think it’s the snottiest one, but all three tracks are well worth a few spins in a row. Which is your favourite from this EP?

Country: Mexico
Year: 1980
Label: New Rockers
Format: 12″
I pity you.mp3
Social germ.mp3


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19,170 Responses to Dangerous Rhythm – S/T 12″ E.P

  1. WildDevilMan says:

    song 2 is my favourite because its the shortest…

  2. DB says:

    Great stuff, thank you. I like Electroshock the best of the three.

  3. Read what Stuart Shit-fi had to say about the reissue of their 2 first vinyls on CD here. It’s well worth a few minutes of your time.

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