Slowguns – T.V. Movie / American Heartbeat 7″


Superb UK powerpop, and the first out of two equally good 7inches from this band. And they both have very attractive sleeves as well, if you’re like me and like the minimal and clean approach. Pretty damn cool idea with the photos of the band members on the back as well. And good lyrics, not particulary cool, but well written and a nice twist on somewhat popular themes. The verses to T.V. movie reminds me a bit of MDC’s My family is a little weird, but a more calmed down version of the veirdness in the family Dave sang about. The b-sides American dream is slightly inferior to my ears, and it has a wicked melodic guitar solo as well as lots of nice surf styled back-up vocals.

The band’s follow up 7″ will be posted later on, and it’s as cheap and easy to find as this one, so do yourself a favour and pick them both up next time you’re record shopping on the interweb.

Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: MPA
Format: 7″
T.V. movie.mp3
American dream.mp3

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