The Stains – Gidding Around 7″


Obscure powerpop on the same label as bands like the teen punks in Arsenik, the slighly punky rockers in Emergency, the sloppy  teen hardrockers in Turbo and Gröna Hissen that ends up sounding pretty punky as well as a few other acts.

You all know Ebba Gron’s debut LP is called “We’re only in it for the drugs” which these guys thought was a dumb title, so they stated “We’re only in it for the milk” on the back of the sleeve, and it’s a nice photo of the guys hanging out in Korovas’ on the front. I think that Teen Idles got their song I drink milk from the Stains, but they never managed to come up to the speed these lads mastered. Everyone shreds, but the drummer is exceptional! Just listen to that ride and see if you can hear the individual hits, or if you just hear a wall of sound!

Country: Sweden
Year: 1979
Label: Ori
Format: 7″
Gidding around.mp3
It’s all you can say.mp3

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  1. Adam says:

    Those may be the worst two songs I’ve ever heard. Great post!

  2. massivewaste says:

    Hä? Worst songs? This is great.

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