The Johnnies – Who Killed Johnny? 7″ E.P.


The young Johnnies from Christchurch in New Zealand released this, their only EP, in 1982 in and edition of 500 copies, and the title track is about Johnny Chanley who used to roadie for this amazing band and who died under sort of mysterious circumcisions.

The 4 boys in the brigade had no sympathy for the oi movement, and neither for the skinhead nazi scene that started to show it’s ugly head all over the western world at around that time, and for that I thank them. It’s still OK to shave your head, wear boots and braces, but as soon as you start to groove to the music with a stiff right arm you’re no friend of mine. I don’t want no oppression, no war, no government, just Jonnarchy, piss and EQ-quality! There there!

Country: New Zealand
Year: 1982
Label: Johnarchy
Format: 7″
Who killed Johnny?.mp3
And you.mp3
Govt. don’t care.mp3

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5 Responses to The Johnnies – Who Killed Johnny? 7″ E.P.

  1. Mike says:

    Bummer Bitcchh!!

  2. Mike says:

    Bummer bitttch!!

  3. Fernando says:

    Oh, thank you very much!!

    F. :)

  4. Johnny Was says:

    Hi, glad you like this! Just checking in to show we\’re still around. Reunited 2019 to play our drummer\’s birthday party. It\’s all on our new channels: fb, tw, yt.. Oi oi. Cheers.

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