The Head – Nothing To Do In A Town Like Leatherhead 7″



What could be a better follow up to Teenage Head than the Head?And is it even possible that a song with a title like Nothing to do in a town like Leatherhead could be bad? Probaly not as it’s such quality in the title alone. Then you add UK and the magnificent year 1979 and on Ellie Jay records and you know it will be super great!

A few years ago Detour got the boys back into the studio to record a few tracks, and they actually did a superb job. I usually avoid “new” records by old bands, the these guys manage to sound like it was no more that 2 months between the recordings. Sound, songs and instrumental skills was more or less at the exact same level! So pick that one up, and the comp LP with their complete recordings from 79-80 as it’s a very solid release. They had nothing but good songs, believe it or not.

Country: UK
Year: 1979
Label: Ellie Jay
Format: 7″
Nothing to do in a town like Leatherhead.mp3
University 79.mp3

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  1. Stephen (AI) says:

    Oh, yeah. Christmas comes early with this shambling little should-have-been. We have a store here in Louisville called Leatherhead, that has kept Kentucky rebels stocked in Frye boots and fringed frontier coats for forty years. Blinders played an in-store there in 1979. Nothing-to-do is a reliably fertile field for making something memorable. God Jul to all you lingonberry lads and nameless lurkers. Keep up the good work. Fuck a bunch of 2016. Bring the flood.

    • Martin says:

      God jul to you to Stephen! I played with some bands in Louisville years ago and thought it was a pretty nice town. Was only there for 20 hours or so and saw very little of the town I guess, but we stayed with a really nice guy in a nice house, ate blueberries and played at an art gallery for 12 ppl or so supported by a rock/ rap band(!!!). A night or two later we played a shitty punk bar 3 floors under ground level with a band that I think ended up on Victory records! 3 alcoholics in the audience, one fight. Not even the organiserad vithetens to show up. Worst gig ever. Louisville was 100 times better and friendlier.
      PS. The Head rules!

      • Stephen (AI) says:

        Ha, that sounds about right. Thanks again for all the great posts for the fanboys too shy to come up and say hi after the show. Gott nytt år and be sure to let me know the next time your world tour brings you to Loserville.

  2. Kevin says:

    Cool stuff and damn if you weren’t right about the record released in 2009. They sound the same!

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