Dogs – Charlie Was A Good Boy 7″ E.P.

Rock n’ roll punk/ garage rock ain’t always my cup of tea, but these dogs got shitload of bite, attitude and last, but not least, one of the toughest guitar tones ever! So piercing and aggressive it feels like they give me tinnitus right away! The intro to 19! Aaaaaargh! Makes me wanna jump around and scream FUCK YOU to everyone and everything while playing air guitar like a moron from an 80’s hard rock disco! And the beauty of Charlie was a good boy! Slow but full on rocking out in the best way possible.

And the guys looked fucking tough as well. Like a bunch of beatniks mixed with punk and rockabilly. One of the records I actually like to play on LOUD volume!

Fixed the link for 19, so now it should work. Thanks fot the heads up guys. 

Year: 1977
Label: Melodies Massacre
Format: 7″
No way.mp3
Charlie was a good boy.mp3

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  1. eric says:

    Hello sorry not link for tracks 19 it’s a pictures possibility reup please thanxs

  2. Emile says:

    Just a heads up the link for 19 isn’t a MP3 file. Showing up as a jpeg.

  3. John says:

    Excellent, sounds like a cross between the Heartbreakers & the Depressions.

  4. Stephen (AI) says:

    In France, stepping in dog shit is considered good luck. “19” is my favorite track on the seminal Streets comp on Beggars Banquet, but I’d never heard these other two songs before. Martin, you are correct: the opening guitar line in “19” is a total killer. Such a superior teen anthem to the vastly overrated Alice Cooper song, “(I’m) Eighteen.” Thank you for sharing. Freedom fries for all my friends!

  5. Florian says:

    Thank you for posting it, one of the best french rock n roll band, if not the best. Their early Ep’s are pure energy. And if you want more, try their three first albums : “Different”, “walking shadows” and “too much class for the neighbourhood”.

  6. DOS ALERT says:

    Indeed them Dogs where a killer band. And ’19’ is a beauty not reached by many other bands from the period. I saw them 1984 in Hamburg and they still had it!

  7. DOS ALERT says:

    Them Dogs where a killer band and ’19’ is a beauty level that was not achieved by others from that period! I saw them in 1984 in Hamburg and they still had it!

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