The Escorts – Bingo / Never On Time 7″

It’s been a while since last time I said that “this is one of my all time favourite UK punk records” and as I assume you’ve all missed that, here you go; This is one of my all time favourite UK punk records! Bingo is a totally phenomenal track. It got all the right ingrediences, catchiness, memorable and witty lyrics, stiff chops, talked lyrics, drum rolls and that perfect UK DIY sound that was on so many cheap and self produced platters up til UKHC started showing it’s ugly face.

A copy of this was up on discogs last week, anyone who’s reading this who snatched it?

B-side is not great by the way.

Country: UK
Year: 1980
Label: Rainbow Sound
Format: 7″
Never on time.mp3

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  1. Sam Happyone says:

    B side is actually plenty good

  2. Stephen (AI) says:

    Yes! I can’t get enough of these one-off UK masterpieces. The perfect compliment to four or five ales and a tin of cold beans. Too bad about the flip. They should have put “Bingo” on the B-side as well.

    • Martin says:

      Glad you liked it Stephen (AI), I got loads of great one-off UK’s waiting in line. I wish they had another song on the b-side as well, but it’s actually not bad after a couple of spins. Just not great.

  3. How many memories, I love this site. Martin, thanks for what you put to our disposal.

  4. Scosh says:

    Has anyone heard their third song, Here Come The Guns? According to discogs it was released on the power pop/mod compilation called Baby Don’t Jump, released in 1982 on VU Records. So far nobody has posted anything on youtube or other blogs. Many of the other bands on it are also pretty obscure and unknown. Was curious to how it sounds before I think about shelling out the cash for it.

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