Urinals – Sex 7″


How surprised I was when I found this in the posting queue. It’s been lingering for like 5 years. You know the Urinals. If not you should. Classic punk rock out of Cali/USA. Yeah people scream art punk too. I get that. Anyway both tracks are great and I wonder what’s on that little super 8mm strip taped on side A.

Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: Happy Squid
Format: 7″
Go Away Girl.mp3

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  1. The more I think about the Urinals, the more I think they might be among the most important bands in punk ever (together with Desperate Bicyles of course). I love them and feel terrible embarrased that I don’t have any of their records.
    This is so good!

    • Stephen (AI) says:

      As usual, Martin is correct. This record and band is terrific. Up there with the very best of British DIY and way more influential than their slim catalog would suggest. So splendid. Punk as it was and should be. Thanks for sharing!

  2. John says:

    Not too keen on the B side but the deceptively simple A side grows on you until resisitance is futile-thank you for your continually splendid uploads.

  3. ALDO says:

    This was their last release and then they became 100 Flowers. They played reunion gig three years ago.

  4. Nathan says:

    I believe the fact that Erich had posted this gem about 11 years ago, well before he went quiet and disappeared (I still owe hime a Fix 7″) and because sometimes double postings just aint right.

  5. LAFMS says:

    Note that Go Away Girl is a cover of a song by The Last. The film strip is a pice of a student film as most members were film students at UCLA at the time of this recording.

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