Television Personalities – 14th Floor / Oxford St., W.1 7″

The punks who don’t ackknowledge the importance of TVP don’t know what this damn punk business is all about in my book. And a follow up post to the mighty Urinals can only be done by a band as important and inspiring as them. This is their debut and I wish I could afford to get all the sleeve variations of it.

Both songs are 110% top notch in case someone didnd’t know that. 
Year: 1978
Label: Not on label
Format: 7″
14th floor.mp3
Oxford st., W.1.mp3

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  1. Stephen (AI) says:

    Incredible. These shambling, pasty lads make the Sex Pistols sound slick. What a profound, lovely mess. Proof to the lie that skill is superior to conviction and a perfect response to the Urinals post. All hail the glory that is this.

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