The Snifters – I Like Boys 7″

I like girls.

Country: Holland
Year: 1978
Label: Lightning
Format: 7″
I Like Boys.mp3
Baby Punker.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Snifters – I Like Boys 7″

  1. Martin says:

    Cool, I knew about this one, but never heard it before. Always assumed they were from the UK as it’s on Lightning, but from the vocals on the b-side it’s pretty obvious that they at least spoke Dutch.

  2. WildDevilMan says:

    great tunes, never heard this band before.
    Danke :))

  3. zach says:

    stuff like this is why this site will forever be the greatest. ‘i like boys’ is too perfect.

  4. Stig Dangerman says:

    I like babies.

  5. ALDO says:

    Pretty gay …

  6. Deathcrustpunk YT says:

    I like punker

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