Meatmen – Blood Sausage E.P. 7″


You want some mustard and ketchup with that?

Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: Touch And Go
Format: 7″
Tooling For Anus.mp3
One Down Three To Go.mp3
Snuff Em.mp3
Becoming A Man.mp3
I’ve Got A Problem.mp3
I’m Glad I’m Not A Girl.mp3
Dumping Ground.mp3

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19,170 Responses to Meatmen – Blood Sausage E.P. 7″

  1. Zac Lang says:

    You posted this because you love us – you are Scandinavian Punk Rock Jesus

  2. Chano says:

    Another Midwest HC classic. The Meatmen were (are….) more about prankin’ than playing, still this is a respectable piece of aural destruction. Fave track is “Snuff Em” cuz the lyrics remind me of the cult Italian comic RANXEROX. Thanx 4 the excellent rips, as always. :-)

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