The Fix – Jan’s Room E.P. 7″

fix_jans_front.jpg fix_jans_back.jpgfix_jans_insert.jpg
fix_jans_label_a.jpg fix_jans_label_b.jpg

Big THANKS to all the donors. And everyone else for keeping the interest of this old blog alive. So what’s more appropriate than posting an all time classic. The Fix second and last effort. Not on par with “This Town” but still great. Enjoy suckers!

Country: USA
Year: 1982
Label: Touch And Go
Format: 7″
Cos The Elite.mp3
Truth Right Now.mp3
Off To War-1982-usa.mp3

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19,170 Responses to The Fix – Jan’s Room E.P. 7″

  1. 0101001x_x says:

    Fuck yeah!

  2. WildDevilMan says:

    Back with a Bang! TOP :))

  3. Chano says:

    Sometimes i come back…. :-) Great 7″ ep, a Midwest HC classic. As usual, Spot’s production detracts from the true power of the band. The rips are awesome, though. Long live KBD and old school HC Punk!! 👍👍👍

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