Remo Voor – Toilet Love / Frogrammer 7″

It’s been way too long since last time I posted something here. In fact, this is my first post this year! I’m sure all of you have asked yourself what I’ve been doing instead. Maybe the sweet, handsome and lovin’ guy Martin has started a new band you thought for yourself. And you’re right! I have a new band! Is that new band influenced by Remo Voor you ask yourself. Aren’t all great bands is my simple answer to that great question. Remo Voor is almost too good to be true, and the amazing lyrics adds that extra touch of confusion that only a band that don’t really know the language they sing in. I love it, and I know you will as well. And you will love my new band as well.

By the way, I got a spare copy of this 7″ for sale if someone’s looking for it.

Country: Germany
Year: 1979
Label: Strawberry
Format: 7″
Toilet love.mp3


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19,170 Responses to Remo Voor – Toilet Love / Frogrammer 7″

  1. John says:

    Very good, thank you-I like the B side best!

  2. Thomas says:

    Hailing from Bad Homberg, a hicktown in Hesse in West-Germany, in the middle of nowhere. Not bad at all – but more in the Powerpop vein and the sound is a little bit to thin in my ears. Saw the 7″ a few times back in the day in a few record shops, but didn’t listen to it or bought it, because of these disgusting longhairs at the cover.
    Back then Punks must have short hairs and leatherjackets – well, in my imagination, of course and… I was wrong!

    • cédrick says:

      I’m interested in having this spare copy ! Remo voor is truly great, and i’d be curious to hear that new band ! lemme know, cheers !


  3. Stig Dangerman says:

    Welcome back, Martin. The scan of the lyrics won’t render. I love the hilarity of English lyrics by non-English speakers. That’s why I used to read all the lyrics by punx like Crass.

  4. ALDO says:

    Toilet Love is a Wayne County cover!

  5. Joop says:

    Sold your spare copy yet?

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