V/A – Process Of Elimination E.P. 7″


All killer no fillers though I have a soft spot for NA, Toxic Reasons and the McDonalds tracks. A classic comp. Kids love it. Adults love it.

Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: Touch And Go
Format: 7″
Necros – Bad Dream.mp3
Meatmen- Meat Men Stomp.mp3
Negative Approach – Lost Cause.mp3
Youth Patrol – Americas Power.mp3
Toxi Reasons – Riot Squad.mp3
Violent Apathy – I Can’t Take It.mp3
Mcdonalds – Miniature Golf.mp3
The Fix – No Idols.mp3

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19,170 Responses to V/A – Process Of Elimination E.P. 7″

  1. Stephen (AI) says:

    Oh, yeah. The Midwest’s finest hour? I’d say so. Sold my copy sometime back in the ’90s. Probably got 5 bucks for it. I know, I know..

  2. Chano says:

    This is probably the peak of the Michigan HC scene (Even if T.R. came from Ohio). The bands never sounded better and the songs are all good, no fillers here. The rips are great as usual. Perfect….

  3. Jon says:

    One of the favorite records in my collection. As a young weirdo growing up in 80s/90s Lansing, MI this record was hugely influential and beloved.

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