No Thanks – Are You Ready To Die E.P. 7″

Peace punk my ass, this is pure hate! Just cause you add a peace sign on the back of the sleeve it won’t bring world peace. Fuck you posuer(sic)!

Country: USA
Year: 1983
Label: Dead Space
Format: 7″
Are you ready to die?.damage
Office jerk/ Rat cheese.damage
Fuck everything.damage

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19,170 Responses to No Thanks – Are You Ready To Die E.P. 7″

  1. 0101001x_x says:

    Trendy lefties are the new hippies… All these college students get triggered over any little thing it’s hilarious! Blast this one just for them idiots

  2. Adamski says:

    Great stuff! Absolutely crucial vocals, too. Their best song, though, is Are You Ready off the Big City comp. 7″.

  3. Ralph Rivera says:

    You’re gonna think I’m full of shit but I actually lost my virginity to Donna (the lead singer) when I was about 15 and she was about 19/20. Oh the good old days!

  4. KilledByScott says:

    Been looking for an orig of this for a long time. Thanks for posting:]

  5. Thomas says:

    Great stuff again – one of the best NYC HC records with a female singer, before NYC HC became something like a tough-guy brand. Nihilistic in-yer-face-lyrics and an ultra-aggressive screaming style by the female singer Donna. I think, ‘Posuer’ (sic) is not an insult against Peace Punks, but vs. the then ‘Professional Punks’, especially all the former ‘Punk’-bands, who has got a major deal and then watered their sound, attitude and outlook, but maybe I’m wrong.
    P.S.: The even mentioned XKI from NYC on their Thanks-list, which had a similar sound and are with just one track on the ‘Big City – Aint too pretty’ 7″ ep comp have now an interesting website with lotsa informations and soundfiles here:

  6. Chano says:

    This is a decent record, but it could never compare with their 1982 demo. The rips are great, though. Thanx!! 👍

  7. Stig Dangerman says:

    I have been ready to die ever since I came out of my mother’s love canal screaming and looking like a bloodied GG.

    Happy new year, you Swedish posuers!

  8. Donna Damage says:

    take down the download . I will file a DMCA violation and google complaint ,, fuck you
    donna Damage/ nothanks
    take my copyrighted work down!

  9. DonnaDamage says:

    take the download off your website. I have filed a DMCA takedown order through wordpress and google. you will also receive a formal lawsuit at your mailing address for damages.
    I am the legal copyright owner
    US copyrights SRu-602-612
    I did not give you permission to allow a download of my legal work.
    Donna Damage / NO THANKS

    • The Flakes // Drummer says:

      Will you also refund the people you’ve ripped off or does the spider bite make it impossible to mail out the records?

  10. Brooklyn_Male_Feminist says:


    Best wishes in trying to sell people ‘high quality files’ of an undistinguished hardcore record from almost 40 years ago; I was piqued enough by the notion of this to engage in a 5 minute Google search, go elsewhere, and download a lossless version of this EP (for free).

    Sadly it wasn’t good enough to justify the space it took up on a USB stick, and was swiftly deleted :(

    • Donna Damage says:

      When you produce a record that someone is willing to pay 700.+then you have a valid response.. otherwise I do not give a rat’s ass about your opinion. I can do what I wish with my intellectual property. If I don’t want a download placed here too bad. I really do not care about 5th generation conformist punk rockers and I really do not care about selling my bands work. I didnt do this for money. IT IS NOT ABOUT MONEY. NO THANKS was anti muzak biz, anti rock star, real punk. I am sure you don’t have the BALLS to do anything original. show me your work fool..what the fux have you done. ..

      • Victor Immature says:

        I don’t know why you’re so angry. It’s a bit cringe to read this. It’s not like the people who run this site are making money off your record. They post so much awful Swedish punk (ie, all Swedish punk), they should really pay us for bumping up their traffic. By the way Donna, I did very much enjoy your 1982 demo. I downloaded it off Soulseek, hope that’s OK.

  11. Interfaceyyq says:

    reproduced by hand, in contrast

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