No Thanks – Are You Ready To Die E.P. 7″

Peace punk my ass, this is pure hate! Just cause you add a peace sign on the back of the sleeve it won’t bring world peace. Fuck you posuer(sic)!

Country: USA
Year: 1983
Label: Dead Space
Format: 7″
Are you ready to die?.damage
Office jerk/ Rat cheese.damage
Fuck everything.damage

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13 Responses to No Thanks – Are You Ready To Die E.P. 7″

  1. 0101001x_x says:

    Trendy lefties are the new hippies… All these college students get triggered over any little thing it’s hilarious! Blast this one just for them idiots

  2. Adamski says:

    Great stuff! Absolutely crucial vocals, too. Their best song, though, is Are You Ready off the Big City comp. 7″.

  3. Ralph Rivera says:

    You’re gonna think I’m full of shit but I actually lost my virginity to Donna (the lead singer) when I was about 15 and she was about 19/20. Oh the good old days!

  4. KilledByScott says:

    Been looking for an orig of this for a long time. Thanks for posting:]

  5. Thomas says:

    Great stuff again – one of the best NYC HC records with a female singer, before NYC HC became something like a tough-guy brand. Nihilistic in-yer-face-lyrics and an ultra-aggressive screaming style by the female singer Donna. I think, ‘Posuer’ (sic) is not an insult against Peace Punks, but vs. the then ‘Professional Punks’, especially all the former ‘Punk’-bands, who has got a major deal and then watered their sound, attitude and outlook, but maybe I’m wrong.
    P.S.: The even mentioned XKI from NYC on their Thanks-list, which had a similar sound and are with just one track on the ‘Big City – Aint too pretty’ 7″ ep comp have now an interesting website with lotsa informations and soundfiles here:

  6. Chano says:

    This is a decent record, but it could never compare with their 1982 demo. The rips are great, though. Thanx!! 👍

  7. Stig Dangerman says:

    I have been ready to die ever since I came out of my mother’s love canal screaming and looking like a bloodied GG.

    Happy new year, you Swedish posuers!

  8. Donna Damage says:

    take down the download . I will file a DMCA violation and google complaint ,, fuck you
    donna Damage/ nothanks
    take my copyrighted work down!

  9. DonnaDamage says:

    take the download off your website. I have filed a DMCA takedown order through wordpress and google. you will also receive a formal lawsuit at your mailing address for damages.
    I am the legal copyright owner
    US copyrights SRu-602-612
    I did not give you permission to allow a download of my legal work.
    Donna Damage / NO THANKS

  10. Brooklyn_Male_Feminist says:


    Best wishes in trying to sell people ‘high quality files’ of an undistinguished hardcore record from almost 40 years ago; I was piqued enough by the notion of this to engage in a 5 minute Google search, go elsewhere, and download a lossless version of this EP (for free).

    Sadly it wasn’t good enough to justify the space it took up on a USB stick, and was swiftly deleted :(

    • Donna Damage says:

      When you produce a record that someone is willing to pay 700.+then you have a valid response.. otherwise I do not give a rat’s ass about your opinion. I can do what I wish with my intellectual property. If I don’t want a download placed here too bad. I really do not care about 5th generation conformist punk rockers and I really do not care about selling my bands work. I didnt do this for money. IT IS NOT ABOUT MONEY. NO THANKS was anti muzak biz, anti rock star, real punk. I am sure you don’t have the BALLS to do anything original. show me your work fool..what the fux have you done. ..

  11. Interfaceyyq says:

    reproduced by hand, in contrast

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