V/A – Meathouse Cassette


Meaty and classic. Sadly missing the booklet so if anyone has some good scans of it to provide please leave a comment. If you don’t have the booklet feel free to leave a comment anyway. Mommy called so I gotta go.

Country: USA
Year: 1982
Format: Cassette
Label: Version Sound
Minutemen – Split Red.mp3
Minutemen – Base King.mp3
Minutemen – Prelude.mp3
JFA – Skateboard.mp3
JFA – Baja.mp3
JFA – Out Of School.mp3
Red Scare – Don’t Look In The Basement.mp3
Red Scare – Red Rum.mp3
Scapegoats – Fingers.mp3
Scapegoats – I Like The Streets.mp3
Mourning Noise – Underground Zero.mp3
Battalion Of Saints – Holy Vision.mp3
Battalion Of Saints – Witchworld.mp3
Crucifucks – Hinkley Had A Vision.mp3
Rebel Truth – Think About It.mp3
Mob – Hit And Run.mp3
Delinquents – Metalhead.mp3
Betrayed – Betrayed By You.mp3
Betrayed – Fight For You.mp3
Betrayed – Self Oppression.mp3
Blight – Blight.mp3
Tar Babies – Be Humble.mp3
Tar Babies – New Poor.mp3
Mecht Mensch – Land Of The Brave.mp3
Mecht Mensch – Revenge.mp3
Mecht Mensch – Govt Lies.mp3
Law & Order – Money.mp3
Radical Left – Society Hates You.mp3
Radical Left – Mash.mp3
Radical Left – La La.mp3
Savage Circle – Eat The Rich.mp3
Savage Circle – We Don’t Have To.mp3
Negative Element – National Socialism.mp3
ROTA – No Fun Til I’m 21.mp3a
Suburbicide – Fugitive.mp3
Sacred Order – Fewer Words.mp3
Capitol Punishment – Clovis.mp3
Bollocks – Riot On The Rocks.mp3
The End – Star Whores.mp3
Sin 34 – Who Needs Them.mp3
The Exiled – Louie Louie.mp3

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