The Law – King Size Cigarette E.P. 7″


Not too interesting except for one song: Reason for Treason. If you remember the Parasites they actually outdid the original version. Cheers!

Country: USA
Year: 1980
Label: On-Fly Girl
Format: 7″
King Size Cigarette.mp3
Hole In My Heart.mp3
Satellite Rock.mp3
Reason For Treason.mp3

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6 Responses to The Law – King Size Cigarette E.P. 7″

  1. John S. says:

    I wonder if they wrote the street address on the back of every sleeve.

  2. Bob Suren says:

    Thanks for posting.

  3. Harsh Truth says:

    “King Size Cigarette” covered and made someone well-known in the New England area in the 1980s by The Dogmatics.

  4. brian says:

    thanks for this one. 4/4 perfect tracks, in my opinion. not sure what it is about it that resonates so hard with me but I think it’s flawless.

  5. 0101001x_x says:

    The Dogmatics did a cover of King Size Cigarette that I thought was pretty cool.. Then these guys started the Young Fresh Fellows later on if I’m correct.

  6. Peter Aaron says:

    0101001x is correct, the lead guitarist, Scott McCaughey (sp?) went on to YFF. Singer/rhythm guitarist Charlie Chesterman (RIP) and bassist Mack (last name?) started Scruffy the Cat. I love this record, esp the two songs mentioned above.

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