The Misfits(The Tragics) – Mommi I’m A Misfit E.P. 7″


Daddy I’m a fishtit.

Country: USA
Year: 1981
Label: Black And White Wreckchords
Format: 7″
Pretty Boys.mp3
Laughing Lover.mp3
When I Was Young.mp3
Mommi I’m A Misfit.mp3

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3 Responses to The Misfits(The Tragics) – Mommi I’m A Misfit E.P. 7″

  1. Nice choice! Laughing Lover is such a barnstormer and the guitar solo on it is a real whomper that hits ya right between the eyes. The guitarist of The Misfits/Tragics actually died back in 2011 of cancer, sadly enough. On an unrelated note check out that new synth punk comp LP called “We Are Not Devo” if you can find a copy- lots of obscure stuff on it like that band the Odds that you posted some years ago. Cheers and all the best.

  2. Cheslie Kryst says:

    It’s not easy but I’ll refrain from making a joke about Danzig sounding like a eunuch.

    Thanks for a new post!

  3. Pogelpunk says:

    The NY accent never sounded as good as it does on this record. I like the record. Kinda reminds me of The Vktms or add a sax and it would be like X-Ray Spex.

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