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The Deadbeats – Kill The Hippies E.P. 7″

This was the first record I was supposed to post when we opened up the blog. But after doing some googling I found out it had been posted here and there. And it’s still gets posted here and there … Continue reading

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The Avengers – We Are The One E.P. 7″

Funny story: Staffan Fagerberg drummer from Kurt i Kuvös(heard on Really Fast comps and the split with Headcleaners), Hux Flux, Crooks, Stajnas Lobos, fanzine maker and one of the guys behind Really Fast Records and little brother to Ola Fagerberg(bass … Continue reading

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X – Adult Books 7″

Ouch the site has been a pain in the ass lately. Consuming loads of RAM which made me try some different things to see what the fuck is happening. Yes a new theme. It’s cleaner and leaner though I’m more … Continue reading

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Weirdos – We Got The Neutron Bomb 7″

First The Nuns and now the Weirdos. What’s next? Exploited, Clash and Sex Pistols? Probably. Some records that are quiet known still deserves some more exposure. And come on it’s on one of the best punk labels ever. The packaging … Continue reading

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Randoms – ABCD/Let’s Get Rid Of New York 7″

Can’t go wrong with them Dangerhouse records. Here’s the first release featuring the Randoms. ABCD don’t do much to me. Pretty dull and too long Dolls/Thunderish boring rock n roll. But the b-side! BUT THE B-SIDE my friends!! Mia madre! … Continue reading

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