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Kaare og Partiet – Hakekors E.P. 7″

A couple of months ago I took the shitty decision to get rid of a few of my Norweigan punk records, and when stuff like Svart Framtid & Barn av Regnbuen found new homes with other music lovers, this one made … Continue reading

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Sjolmord – Holocaust/Supertankerne Kommer!!! 7″

One of my favorite norwegian releases besides the Kjott EP 12″. Holocaust sound somewhat like Californian  punk maybe because of the surf sound on the guitars. Moody, dark and hooky. And does he sing in german all the way? Can’t … Continue reading

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Feber – S/T E.P. 7″

Here’s a some what overlooked Norweigan classic, or at least no one bothered to tell me about it until a few years ago. Don’t know why as it’s really good and the band is sloppy in a very nice way. In … Continue reading

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De Sjenerte – Si Ja Til De Sjenerte E.P. 7″

I don’t like beer as it’s too bitter for my taste, but these lusekoft-wearing oil millionaries like it so much that they wrote a song about it. The other songs deals with the fears of nuclear war, weird people and … Continue reading

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Distortion – S/T 7″

Here’s some distorted tunes from the north played by a trio of young boys from the shit hole Jarpen, situated a few miles away from the popular ski resort Are. Apparently the three of them managed to play some punk … Continue reading

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