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Donation Round

New donation round. 3 dollars above target last time so this time we need 37 dollars.  March 2023 Thanks for your patience and supporting the site.  

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The Toys – Still Dancing E.P. 7″

Incredible looking sleeve: check. One killer track: check. This should’ve been a one track record since Blanket to Blanket blows the other three tracks out of the water. Country: UK Year: 1980 Label: Toys Format: 7″ Songs: The Things I … Continue reading

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The Misfits(The Tragics) – Mommi I’m A Misfit E.P. 7″

Daddy I’m a fishtit. Country: USA Year: 1981 Label: Black And White Wreckchords Format: 7″ Songs: Pretty Boys.mp3 Laughing Lover.mp3 When I Was Young.mp3 Mommi I’m A Misfit.mp3

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Graphic Shadows – S/T E.P. 7″

Not fantastic. Not awful. An ok record. Have a spin. Country: USA Year: 1981 Label: Explicit Format: 7″ Songs: She Turns Her Eyes Away.mp3 I Only Did It To Make You Mad.mp3 SBS.mp3 Red, White And Blue.mp3

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The Blanks – The Northern Ripper E.P. 7″

Great sole release from The Blanks who later evolved in to the highly mediocre, but more well known, Destructors. Country: UK Year: 1979 Label: Void Format: 7″ Songs: The Northern Ripper.mp3 Understand.mp3 Break Down.mp3

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