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Happy New Year!

OK, this will be the last post from me, TVEYE // Drummer, because I can´t find the time to keep on posting on this blog (as you noticed), and Peter is doing a great job so I guess you won´t … Continue reading

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Indigesti – split 7″

This is a split with Wretched. Wretched is also great but I just wanted to post the indigesti-tracks today!   I´m really in love with the snotty vocals and the fast melodic hardcore of Indigesti! Later they released a LP … Continue reading

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Fresh color – 7″

The band that backed up Dieter Meier on his 7-inch “Cry for fame”, which can be found on one of the other blogs. Go find it – it´s GREAT!   Here it is: Good Bad Music For Bad, Bad Times! … Continue reading

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Lepers – Coitus interruptus 7″

I don´t know much about this band so please share your information in the comments! I bought this one in the early 80´s in some record-store in Stockholm selling used records. I didn´t like it that very much then, so … Continue reading

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Flyin´spiderz – City boy 7″

Flyin´ spiderz from Holland did release a couple of early punkrock-records! To me they sound like a mix of rock and punk, but all those genres just fucks your head up, so just let´s say it´s good. I have another … Continue reading

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