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The Tapes – Dreamland 7″

You guys remember Tony, right? Tony the punk business manager aka Mr True Ear. He did an amazing website about punk rock where every post was an essay with his thoughts and ideas about everything from the way way the band … Continue reading

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Help needed – Mystery track

Hi everyone, many years ago a friend of mine did a compilation for me but never gave me any info on who the artists were. Over the years I’ve managed to figure them all out, but with one exception. And this … Continue reading

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The Zeros – S/T 7″

I wish The Zeros had some more bright moments like Don’t Push Me Around. The weather ain’t that bright in Sweden either at the moment. Cheers and beers. Country: USA Year: 1977 Label: Bomp! Format: 7″ Songs: Don’t Push Me Around.mp3 Wimp.mp3

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The Saints – Erotic Neurotic 7″

Here’s the only saints I care for. Islamic State sleeve version that tells you it’s Punk Rock and therefore haram. Cheers to beheadings and apocalyptic times mates. Country: Australia Year: 1977 Label: Harvest Format: 7″ Songs: Erotic Neurotic.mp3 One Way Street.mp3

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Ultravox – Rockwrock 7″

You’ve been searching all day long for the perfect punk rock song and all of a sudden you find it here: Rockwrock. Flip flip. Hiroshima Mon Amour. It might not be punk? Pays more than its fare share to Roxy … Continue reading

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