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Sick Pleasure – S/T E.P. 7″

You probably know that Sick Pleasure became Code Of Honor. Before SP Dave/Bass where in the mysterious X-Iles that released a 7inch posted a long time ago. CoH members went on to Verbal Abuse where they teamed up with the … Continue reading

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Act – Ping Pong/Black Dove 7″

Can’t remember how I stumble upon Acts marvelous Ping Pong a couple of months ago but as soon as I heard it I tried to track down a copy of the 7inch. I’ve been obsessed by the song ever since … Continue reading

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D.Y.S. – Brotherhood E.P. 12″

1983. USA. Hardcore. Imitated and cloned. Never as good. May be partly, but not intentionally, guilty of all the silly stuff that the bullies/boy scouts/gym people tried to do and call hardcore later on in NY. Thank you. PS Take … Continue reading

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The Boat People – Capitalist 7″

Even though it’s from USA I imagine this is a record even Martin/The Faintest Idea Drummer will like cause of its complete amateurishness and sloppiness. And the drum sound!!! Powerful and awesome tin can sound. I don’t know if the … Continue reading

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Heart Attack – Keep Your Distance E.P. 12″

If you’re not familiar with this records do yourself a favor and spin English Cunts first. One of the greatest hardcore songs ever put onto vinyl in my opinion. And if blast beats, as noted by Erich/Good Bad Music whom … Continue reading

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