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Sneaky Pinks – S/T E.P. 7″

A new record once again. Only 5 years old. Feels like yesterday. I Can’t Wait is a either a hate-or-love thing. It’s just sooo ridiculous annoying and lo-fi I can’t help but love it. The rest of the songs range … Continue reading

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Sack O Woes – Baby, I’m Born Old E.P. 7″

  I’ve always had a hard time with so called garage punk. Just too damn generic most of the time. New Bomb Turks? Please! Sack O woes on the other hand whom I guess could be put into that narrow … Continue reading

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The Busy Signals – Love And Dust E.P. 7″

Here’s another fine example that it’s worth to roll up your sleeves and start digging for new bands. Just Wanna Go Out will easily get a place on future punk rock compilations of obscure and lost 7inches from the year … Continue reading

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The Vicious – Suicidal Generation 7″

It’s something coocking in Sweden. You’ve heard “Knugen Faller” before and here’s “The Vicious”. Has “Sara Almgren” who played keyboard in “T(i)NC”. Heard they’re in USA right now on a tour so here’s a little plug to check ’em out. … Continue reading

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Knugen Faller – Inte Som Ni E.P. 7″

What strikes me when I rip Swedens finest “Knugen Faller” is that the bass line is the same as one of Raped Teenagers(our old band) old songs “Jag Vill Inte”. But this is of course much better. I was kind … Continue reading

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