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The Electric Vomit – 1979 Montreal Punk E.P. 7″

“We used to smash discarded TV sets filled with rotting rubbish onstage…We turned a mannequin we found in the garbage into our mascot and rigged some tubing so it could puke pea-soup.” punk was way more exciting before hardcore and … Continue reading

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M.O.T.O. – Blast Of Silence E.P. 7″

The first release from Swedens Radio Obligato Records is USA’s own Masters Of The Obvious. Paul Caporino who’s been going since 1981 IS M.O.T.O. and he change band members as often as I change fluids with my boyfriend. I’ve heard … Continue reading

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Rich White Males – We Ain’t No Musicians E.P. 7″

“Don’t wanna practice or get any better. Or hang around in the Guitar Center.” great opening line and a great song. Especially the chorus with its little clever hook. Fuck, they might be musicians! Angry Samoans comes to mind primarily … Continue reading

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Shoot It Up – Pop E.P. 7″

Even sloppier then their first 7inch posted here some months ago. Trashier recording too. Guess they’ve spent all their money on drugs so they couldn’t afford the studio time. And I don’t mind. No bass here which actually ads an … Continue reading

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Sweet Rot – Drug Fiend E.P. 7″

Got some new stuff to catch up on. First out is Sweet Rot. Pure low fi, sloppy instrumentation and obnoxious vocals. File under bands who-can-hardly-play-but-got-the-right-attitude. The thing I like most is the dark background vocals which give Sweet Rot a … Continue reading

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