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Preview of the new “Raped Teenagers”.

Fresh from yesterdays rehearsal. Totalviagra.

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Raped Teenagers sucks.

Should write this in Swedish I suppose but anyway… My old old old HC band Raped Teengares are doing a one gig thing on the 6th of Nov. in Linkoping/Sweden. Here´s a little teaser from a recording we did on … Continue reading

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Swedish Punk/New Wave 1977-1982

In english: looking for some photos we’re missing in the upcoming book about swedepunk. Next you’ll read is in Swedish. If you’re curious run it through google translate. Designar Peter Kagerlands kommande bok om svensk punk/new wave 1977-1982. Ca.500 band … Continue reading

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Donation round

Mission completed :). Thanks to everyone who contributed. You’ll find their names in the comment section Since the doodle ads don´t make enough money to pay the costs I have to ask for a donation round. The site needs $00.00 … Continue reading

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Pissing contest

Last contest was bout The Eat. Now it’s about telling some people to eat it. So all you downloaders have an important role in telling which track sounds the best. Number 1 or 2. Is number 1 really number 1 … Continue reading

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