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Woozy (Ass)Viper

Got a spam mail from a desperate band that sends out their crappy stuff without checking the content of the blog they´re approaching. So to be fair I here post the whole conversation: “On 12/22/09 10:25 PM, Woozy Viper wrote: … Continue reading

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KBD Twitters

Say goodbye to the stone age. Be a trendy. Believe the hype. Follow us on Twitter:

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Hello World!

Just testing!

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New Search capabilities

The search function has been extended. Now you can do full text search in the little box in the top right corner. Yes, just like in google you can use logial operators too. And it search ALL over the site: … Continue reading

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Punks on Wheels

Up yours walking losers! Swedish handicaped comedian Jesper does it again:

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